BATUSAN A.Ş, our vision is to our customers, in accordance with international norms and European to provide quality, reliable and accessible products and services in accordance with product directives;together with our employees and suppliers by establishing harmonious and reliable relationshipscustomer-centered, innovative and the most recommended and sought-after valve in the industry To be a manufacturer leader.

In line with these goals, within the framework of legal requirements and our company values process and customer-oriented continuous improvement practices To realize the commitments with the Quality Management System,

We encourage all our employees within our company to participate in the Quality Management System.and in this context, we provide our suppliers and customers with effective communication and resources.to raise awareness,

Within the Quality Management System of the products and services provided to our customerso identify possible risks by making a risk assessment for system performance, to eliminate these risks and / or to do the least work,

To give importance to R&D studies in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, and to make investments in technological developments,

Continuous review of our goals and policies in line with our plans, to evaluate provide resources and carry the effectiveness of the management system by providing out relevant work to achieve our goals we are committed.