Having begun to serve the Turkish Industry in 1978, “BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” have always prioritized the industry's needs and put efforts to satisfy these needs to the fullest.

It has always been a great researcher for a good method and a result for its manufacturing.

Having begun its manufacturing with the Steam Trap, it has again paid attention to the needs of the industry. During this period, where the textile industry had gained momentum, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” identified an essential need for prevention of energy loss. The Steam Trap has been designed and manufactured according to this need.

Since this new apparatus had extensive use in other industries, it was distributed widely, above all to Refineries and to Tire factories. In short, it has created a great advantage for the Turkish industry. Today, the variations of Steam Traps are developed, their qualities improved and some of them are imported to the foreign market.

In the coming years of its quality life, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” have developed many new products and presented them the use of industry.

In the beginning of the year 1988, it begun its manufacturing of GLOBE VALVES. It has proven itself in many areas that were needy.

The manufacturing of the “Globe”, which constitutes an important part of globe valve-production, was performed through primitive methods by companies that manufactures globe-valves. “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has developed an automatic globe-processing using its own facilities to manufacture the Globe of Globe Valve.

“ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has been leading the other globe valve manufacturers, while at the same time serving the industry with its high-quality.

Today the Globe of the Globe Valve is manufactures in (CNC) turn benches. The importance of the globe valve among other machinery components is stil wildely accepted today.

“ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has obtained the TSEK Certificate from TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) in 1985. (During those years there was not any national or official Standard.)

When TSE Technical Committee prepared a TS 9809 standard for Natural Gas on February 4, 1992, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” applied to TSE and obtained the TS 9809 on 19.10.1993 for the Globe Valves. This Standard was then revised on March 13, 2001 and the new Standard TS 9809 was also obtained. Apart from the TS 9809 NATURAL GAS GLOBE VALVE Standard, TS EN 331 regarding Natural Gas lines and Globe Valves as well as the TS 3148 Standard for Globe Valves for Nonflammable Gases were also obtained. These certificates are still valid.

Production for Pig Iron, Sphero Casting, Brass, Alloyed Carbon Steel, Forged Steel and Stainless Steel are performed serially.

Proving its quality in the market through its products, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has also broken new ground in its industry by obtaining the quality systems certificate meeting the requirements of TS-EN-ISO 2002 Standards. ( This certificate was renewed to become ISO:9001:2000 in 2003 by TÜV.)

Apart from having immediately begun its studies on the 97/23/EC (Pressurized-Equipment Directives) which has begun to be applied in Turkey in accordance with the adjustment processes with EU, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has also obtained the “CE” certificate, leading others in its industry.

It was found through an extensive study that the GLOBE VALVES used especially in the all high-pressurized flow systems in Petro-Chemical Facilities, Petroleum Rafineries, Natural Gas plants and areas where natural gas is obtained, were manufactured meeting the requirements of API 6D Standards and other standards it refers to.

“ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has presented its products that comply with the American standards (API 6D, ASME B 16.34, ASME B 16.5, ASME B 16.10 etc.) to the use of its customers.

Caring about proving its compliance to standards to its customers through certification, “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has inspected the TS EN 13942 standards prepared by TSE and came to realize that the Standard under the title EURO NORM was identical to the API 6D, and that TSE has re-published the same standards.

Beginning its studies to obtain the TS EN 13942 which is published NATION-wide and EUROPE-wide, with its wide accumulation of experience and design and manufacturing obtained through years of production, in March 2008 “ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” has been granted by TSE


“ BATU Vana ve Armatürleri” maintains its quality concept and high-quality products through its strong and experienced organizational structure and its modern car-park.

The tests and experiments performed on the products are performed on an international platform.

All test procedures are performed electrically at PLC-controlled test machines, therefore eliminating all human-factors.

The High-Pressure Hydrostatic Stem resistance tests and globe sealing tests are performed with these techniques, in modern machines.

In Standard tests and in many companies that manufacture valves, the sealing tests are done through monitoring for air bubble, a test that allows bubbles to be perceived only after release of 6-7 milibars of leak. In our PLC-Controlled machines, even leaks of 3 milibars are detected.