Batusan A.S. "BATUVANA®"  Has been manufacturing Ball Valves since 1978.  "Valvole a Sfera" , "Vanne spherique a boisseau" , "صمام الكرة"

“Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” (“Batu Valves and Armatures”) founded in 1978 by Ayhan TÜREMEN to serve the Turkish Industry, performs manufacturing in the KOCAELİ/ Gebze -Dilovası district, in modern facilities in a 7000 m2 closed area, satisfying the needs of modern industry.

“Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” has started it production through the manufacturing of stream-trap which was formerly imported, and it has contributed to energy conservation by filling in an industrial- need.

In 1988, “Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” has included the GLOBE VALVE, which has extensive uses in industry, among its product scope.

In light of R&D studies, the following products which are extensively needed and used in the industry were included in the manufacturing program of 1999 and their manufacturing started ;
NEEDLE VALVE for high-pressure hydraulic, steam and gas systems
FLOW INDICATORS for monitoring the flow in closed systems and especially for eye-monitoring of steam traps' operation
STRAINERS whose filtering surface has been designed to trap any dirt that might damage the sensitive equipment in all flow systems
Economical FIRE SAFE Burak-Type Globe Valves whose need had been identified in Turkey, especially to be used with LNG and LPG projects.
By the 2000s, “Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” extended its scope for products and presented the following to the service of the industry:
BRASS PRODUCTS (Globe Valves, Corner Radiator Valves, Collectors, Air Relief Apparatus, Pressure Reducer)
“Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” rapidly operates its R&D studies for water, steam, gas and petroleum armatures which have great importance in industry, waching the recent developments closely.

Apart from marketing its own products , “Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” has been known to supply all kinds of technical equipment, which has granted it the statue of a manufacturer and a supplier company.

“Batu Vana ve Armatürleri” has given utmost importance to the development of products of its scope, and it has made sure that all employers in each division were included in the quality circle. In 1996, it has obtained the TS-EN-ISO 9002 Quality Systems Certificate for its dedication to quality. (The certificate was updated to an ISO-9001- 2000 in 2003 by TÜV Certification Centre.)

Quality Management System Certificate meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, granted by TÜV SUDDEUTSCHLAND Certification Centre.
FIRE SAFE Globe Valve Certificate 1999-02-02 meeting the requirements of BS6755 T2 and ISO 10497, granted by TÜV SUDDEUTSCHLAND, Germany.
(TA-Luft) Environmental-Protection Certificate, granted by TÜV SUDDEUTSCHLAND, Germany.
Directive 2014/68/EC MODÜL H and MODÜL H1 (CE 0036) Certificates, granted by TÜV SUDDEUTSCHLAND, Germany.
Russian GOST and HYGIENE Certificates
TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) Product Certificates
TS 9809 Natural Gas Globe Valve Certificate
TS EN 331 Natural Gas Globe Valve Certificate
TS EN 13942 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry- Pipeline Conduction Systems Valves Certificate (API 6D)
TS 3148 Globe Valve Certificate
TS 579 Corner Radiator Valve Certificate
CE: New approach directives such as security, health, environment and those that aim to protect consumer rights are used. In short, it is a Europe circulation certificate.


To manufacture high-quality products in the water, steam and gas armatures sector in more economical ways; to maximize customer satisfaction and to bring added value to its country through satisfying customers.