API 6D Pig Ball Valve Launcher and Receiver

API 6D Pig Ball Valve Launcher and Receiver Brochure


PIG Ball Valves Advantages Over Traditional Pig Launcher Systems

Pig Ball Valve, normally consists of Pig Launching & Pig Receiving valve, is a device for loading and receiving cleaning pigs and detecting tools to clean the internal pipe periodically, and it is especially widely used in Oil & Gas pipeline industry. The field tested pig valve offers durability, reliability service for oil and gas applications to improve the piping transportation efficiency. It can be easily and safely used with most of the popular pig styles, either one-piece molded pigs or the spherical pigs that are intended for use in pig ball valves.


Our Technical article about the advantages of PIG Ball Valves has been published on Valve World Magazine June 2024 Issue. Please click to read


Pig Ball Valve advantages over the traditional barrell style pig launcher & receivers :

  • Smaller Footprint reduces the space required for pigging facilities
  • Simple configuration means a reduced requirement for infrastructre and decreases field construction time.
  • Less Equipment and functionally simple design means fewer valves and controls to operate, minimizes training and maintanence costs.
  • Built-in features means safer operations for operations personnel and less man power
  • Reduce emissions by more than %80 compared to traditional pig launching methods, saving the valuable medium
  • Overall Pig Ball Valves allows cost savings ranging between %25 to %60 over traditional pig launcher and receiver systems.

BATU Pig Ball Valve advantages over other Pig Ball Valves

Batu Pig Valves are completely customizable according to customizers requirements. Customizable face to face lengths, customizable ball sizes to accomodate different pigs or other special features can be implemented.

Batu Pig Valves are CNC Machined from forged steel.

Batu Pig Valves have oversized balls that accommodes longer pigs which allows wider range of pig selections.

Batu Pig Valves have a guide implemented to restrain pinchinng of the pig and to avoid obstructing of the system during loading.

Double Block and Bleed construction allows it to be used as a traditional block valve reducing the number of valves required in the pigging facility.

Designed in accordance to NACE for sour service.

Alternative materials are available for different conditions.

All Batu Pig valves are equiped with ROTORK gearboxes

Batu Pig valves are constructed with %100 European origin materials and %100 manufactured in Turkish facilities.


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