API 6D Fully Welded Ball Valve Brochure


Trunnion blocks mounted ball
Independent ball and stem
Anti-Static design
Fire Safe
Soft and Metal seat options
Maximum strength at minimum weight
Compact design
Flanged or welded ends

Batu Fully Welded Ball Valves are used mainly in Gas transmission distribution pipelines and are typically installed in underground installations.

Double trunnion blocks holds ball firmly in place absorbing side thrust and allows only rotational movement of the ball. Independent upstream and downstream spring loaded seats ensures that the seats are always in contact with the ball. Provides tight sealing in low pressures . At higher pressures seat contact is reinforced by line pressure. This prevents excess friction between ball and seats, even at full rated pressure the operating torque stays low.

For special applications the ball and seat may be hardfaced with T.C.C. "Thungsten Carbide Coating" making it Metal to Metal seat design which is resistant to corrosion and wear making it suitable for abrasive services.

Automatic relief of excess body cavity pressure avoids dangerous pressure build up in the valve. Any pressure in the valve cavity, exceeding downstream line pressure by approximately 15 bar pushes the downstream seat away from the ball and incorporates internal relief of body cavity pressure.

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